Wigs for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Hair loss for any reason can be stressful, even devastating.

At  Steve’s Hair and Wigs we understand the emotional effects of hair loss, and are dedicated to making you feel good about yourself, and your purchase.

At  our private salon, with our personal service, we take the stress out of wig shopping.

Wigs should look natural, feel comfortable, and give you a new look.

To look your best, we feel that a wig should match your skin tone, and be cut and shaped to fit just you.

We believe that wigs should be purchased in person, not from a catalogue, as the proper fit of the wig is important.

Our wigs are lightweight, unnoticeable, and comfortable.  Above all else, our wigs will make you feel good.

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The last few months while difficult for all of us, have been even more difficult for those dealing with hair loss related to illness. Steve’s Hair & Wigs has been dedicated to the service of those suffering from cancer for over forty years. The medical community has relied on us to provide comfort and assistance for their patients and we continue to serve responsibly during these trying times. We are ready, willing and able to provide our professional services for you in the comfort of your home. Please call for a free telephone consultation so that we can discuss your personal circumstances and arrange for a consultation. We have a full line of top quality wigs in our inventory at fair and reasonable prices.

God Bless You!